Save Line 5

Thousands of jobs will be lost and Canada's energy security will be damaged if the ideological attempt by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to shut down Line 5 succeeds.

It is estimated that the shutdown of Line 5 could cost 5000-6000 direct jobs in Sarnia alone along with potentially thousands more indirect jobs. Social programs will suffer as the tax base is gutted and companies integrated with Ontario communities will no longer be able to support the many charity initiatives that they do today.

Thousands of homes rely on propane from Line 5 for heat. They may be put at risk this winter.

The stakes are high!

Enbridge's Line 5 has been safely operating in both Canada and the United States for nearly 70 years and feeds a number of energy needs for both Ontario and Quebec. If this line is shut down now, price shocks and increased unemployment will follow which our nation can ill afford at this time.

We are in challenging times and we can't allow critical industries to be lost to politically motivated attacks upon them from our neighbours to the South.

We, the undersigned, call upon Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau and Natural Resources Minister Seamus O'Regan to request that the federal government serve in its role as the steward of Canada's industries and stand up for Line 5 with the same vigour that was applied when unfair aluminum tariffs were threatened against Canadians products.


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